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[3 Oct 2007 | No Comment | ]

Before I forget; Today I took a call with Olga Kharif from BusinessWeek [LINK]. She’s doing a piece on social networking and Google, specifically Orkut. I doubt I’ll be quoted but will watch out for the article in any case. Here’s a link to the last time [LINK] I was interviewed by her colleague Robert Hof [LINK].

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[11 Feb 2007 | One Comment | ]

In the words of Pat Ingolsby, welcome to my head, please remove your shoes.
The Irish Blog Awards are currently open for voting and this blog is nominated in the Technology category [LINK]
It’s nice to be nominated in the Technology category but more so it’s nicer to be nominated in the IRISH technology category. It’s also a great way to uncover other Irish bloggers in this space.
I often struggle with categorizing this blog as it covers a weird mix of stuff.
The list includes various projects I’ve written such as the …

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[25 Oct 2006 | One Comment | ]

The recent book by Michael Mahemoff entitled Ajax Design Patterns featured a write-up of my Amazon search utility, Zuggest.
Zuggest implements the common-sense idea of submission throttling. Rather than submit a query for every single key-stroke the user hits, it waits until you’re done typing and then searches.
It’s always surprising and interesting to me to find that one man’s common sense is another man’s design pattern but there you go.
Read the sample chapter [Link] and search for "zuggest".
My own book: Amazon.com Mashups will also mention Zuggest along with …

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[15 Feb 2006 | No Comment | ]

Lance Weiler is a film maker and fulltime blogger. His latest movie entitled “Head Trauma” (http://headtraumamovie.com/) looks really professionally done and I’m looking forward to its release in October.
Lance and I had a discussion wherein he asked me a lot of questions on Baebo and Zollage a few days back and he has posted the podcast on his website. This is the first time I’ve been podcasted!
Check it out.

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[11 Jan 2006 | No Comment | ]

What a crap blogger I am eh?
It’s been 10 days since my last blog-a-boo. Oh well, that’s what happens when you have kids. Time management is critical and sleep is now a major focus of every day. It’s amazing how little you actually need to function. I say function but then again, was I ever really firing on all cylinders to begin with? Who knows.
Hopefully in another few months Ethan’s stomach will grow to the point where he can ingest enough food to sustain him through the night. …

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[15 Jul 2005 | No Comment | ]

Happy Day! Robert Hof has written an article on “Internet Mash-Ups” called Mix, Match, And Mutate which appears in this week’s BusinessWeek. He was nice enough to call me regarding Zollage which I’d done a while back (thanks Rob). Here’s the Direct Link to what Robert wrote.
Zollage was mentioned in the article’s companion piece which is a slide-show entitled “Sampling the Web’s Best Mash-Ups”.
Among the list are

Housing Maps
Chicago Crime
Double Trust
Amazon Lite
!!! Zollage !!!
Actor Tracker
Book Burro

Quite a nice thing for my little site to be listed along …

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[30 Jun 2005 | No Comment | ]

I’ve written the following article which appears in Visual Studio .NET Developer July 2005.
The article covers XmlHttpRequest and the notion of RIA(Rich Internet Applications).
Click here to read the article.
The techniques presented in this article are in use in Zollage, Zuggest and my Ajax Enhanced Blog. I’m sure you can dream up some other innovative uses.
As always feedback is appreciated.

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[25 Apr 2005 | No Comment | ]

Some more blatant self-promotion here: The Seattle Business Journal, a prominent local paper in the WA region has done a small piece on the Amazon Zollage technology experiment.
If anyone would like a poster, I’d be happy to produce the electronic format for you to take to Kinko’s.
Sort of embarrassing in one sense but think at some point everyone needs to toot their own horn. I don’t think it’s too much of a transgression.

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[17 Apr 2005 | No Comment | ]

A very quick update: I’ve created the following six “Ajax Interactive Images” or whatever you’d like to call them. Still plenty more enhancements and tweaks. My next target I think will be flickr.

Some new pics of The Syd now that the weather’s warming up. Enjoy.

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[8 Apr 2005 | 12 Comments | ]

Over the last few weeks I’ve been working on a number of interesting experiements. It’s time to release a few to the world!
I find recursion interesting and how it applies to real-life even more so. What would you think if you were somehow depicted by the images that make up your interests in life?
I took that idea and combined it with the excellent Amazon Web Services, XML/XSLT, SOAP, Javascript, XMLHttpRequest, c#.NET, windows forms, SQL Server and lastly GDI+.
It’s a Collage, of Amazon products, so it’s a Zollage!
Here’s what Jeff …