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[2 Oct 2013 | 3 Comments | ]
Ultrahike Megatransect 2013

Megatransect (http://ultrahike.com) 2013 is in the books. 28 miles of insane trails spread across the mountains, rivers and rocks of Bald Eagle Creek. This year was another brilliant day with glorious weather and tonnes of eye candy. What a day! It’s so hard to capture the feeling from an event like this but I will try to hit a few points.
I ran again with my brothers-in-law, Michael, Chris and Brad. We drove the 3hours down the night before with a fantastic sunset leading the way. Packet pickup/check-in was simple …

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[16 Sep 2013 | One Comment | ]
Training for the Ultrahike 2013

Last year the Ultra-Mega-Transect (it’s really called this) kicked my proverbial. 28 miles or so took 7hrs 45min, we covered 6,000 feet of elevation change including a 3/4mile uphill rock climb and I was sore for a week afterward. It was awesome but this year I resolved to prepare a bit better.
I’ve been “doing stuff” all year – what some would call training but it’s really too ad-hoc for that. I’ll document what I’ve done in the hopes that next year I’ll re-read this and actually get an idea …

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[6 Jan 2013 | One Comment | ]
My First Ultramarathon

Yesterday I completed my first trail ultra-marathon 50km distance. It was a surreal experience and caught me quite by surprise. I’ve had the day to reflect and wanted to jot down some thoughts primarily as reminders for myself if I ever do this again. I finished 28th out of the 59 that attempted the distance in 6 hours 27 minutes. It was a much bigger day than I expected.
I signed up for this race http://njtrailseries.com/watchung about 2 weeks ago, on a whim. Normally these races are around $100 or …

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[10 May 2009 | 2 Comments | ]
Vibram FiveFingers: Sprint-Male

There’s more to Running than meets the eye. Just as some folks enjoy Trail Running, Cross Country, Long Distance and so on, there is a school of runners who enjoy running barefoot.
I guess some folks really do run barefoot but if you’re not sure or don’t have the feet for it you can always grab a pair of “Vibram Five Fingers” shown here.
These are probably the strangest looking things I’ve seen, like gloves for your feet. I guess that makes traditional sneakers more like mittens for your feet. …

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[13 Apr 2009 | 2 Comments | ]
HeyWhatsThat Path Profiler

I like to run and when I have the time I’ll run about 30-40 miles a month. There’s a couple of great free tools out there to help improve the analytics of your run. The first is appropriately named “MapMyRun.com”
Map My Run lets you draw your run on a Google Maps like map and measure the distance. It let’s you store your runs and share with others. This is nice as you can sometimes find a track in your area.
May My Run does a nice job but it …