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[4 Sep 2007 | No Comment | ]

This website is primarily for my own gratification and rarely do I presume to think that it’s a valuable source of information. On the other hand, I do occasionally put forth the odd interesting nugget of information that you won’t generally find elsewhere.
Hence it’s always gratifying to come across websites that link to mine as a point of reference. Today I came across two such instances. The first is Wikipedia on their Live USB page [LINK] referencing my post on how to install and boot Linux from a Creative …

Cool & Future Tech, Things I've Made, Web Experiments »

[11 Feb 2007 | One Comment | ]

In the words of Pat Ingolsby, welcome to my head, please remove your shoes.
The Irish Blog Awards are currently open for voting and this blog is nominated in the Technology category [LINK]
It’s nice to be nominated in the Technology category but more so it’s nicer to be nominated in the IRISH technology category. It’s also a great way to uncover other Irish bloggers in this space.
I often struggle with categorizing this blog as it covers a weird mix of stuff.
The list includes various projects I’ve written such as the …

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[5 Feb 2007 | No Comment | ]

The other day I spent the entire day with my laptop booted into Linux running off my Creative Zen Vision:M. I was able to happily use OpenOffice and Konquer over WiFi whilst charging my MP3 player at the same time. At the end of the day I shutdown my laptop, unplugged and listened to the radio on the way home.
Try that with the i-have-no-mind-of-my-own-so-I’ll-just-by-what-the-cool-company-that-lies-to-my-face-says-Pod.
Here’s some useful resources if you’re already an owner: [LINK]

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[28 Nov 2006 | 6 Comments | ]

Tonight I setup Linux (Knoppix) on my Creative Zen Vision:M mp3 player.
Let me clarify that, I set aside a 1GB partition on my Zen to use as a removable hard-disk and installed linux on that. This allows me to boot a standard PC from Zen plugged into the USB drive to the Knoppix operating system.
The best part is probably that I can simply unplug, reboot and be back in windows.
I used the following guide [LINK] and only had to modify things slightly.
Essentially because the guide talks …

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[22 Mar 2006 | No Comment | ]

An un-released OS running on an machine that doesn’t exist? Count me in!
Virtual PC Server 2005 R2 is an amazing piece of software. I have used Virtual PC 2004 many times to test out Longhorn, checkout various Linux distros etc. all with great success. Never had I tried Virtual PC Server. Until tonight.
Incredibly frustrated with various events of the day, I decided to take matters into my own hands and install the Feb CTP of Vista on my home PC. Unfortunately Vista CTP doesn’t play that nice with VPC …

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[20 Jun 2005 | No Comment | ]

The other day in Borders I came across Make magazine, targetted at the engineer, this magazine describes all sorts of things which the average person would dismiss as silly but which I would view as generally cool. Examples are: How to build a light-seeking robot from an old mouse, install Linux on your iPod and how to recycle rubber.
I should also mention the other more established magazine which really paved the way for Make and that is 2600 – the hacker quarterly. This is basically a small-jam-in-your-pocket quarterly which details …

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[27 Jan 2005 | No Comment | ]

This is some stuff I never knew existed: YAC, Yet Another Caller ID Program. I’m not sure why it’s not called YACIDP but there you go. Basically, you hook up the phone line to a modem that supports caller ID and this thing runs as a little service to tell you who’s calling, just like your phone does but who can find the phone when you need to. Pretty cool.
Now take that idea and apply it to Windows Media Center Edition or your Linux based Home Theatre PC (HTPC) …

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[2 Dec 2004 | No Comment | ]

A follow up on the “Free-vo”, the home-made Tivo idea I posted a few weeks back.
Last weekend I took my Mandrake Linux installation and began the long process of setting up Myth TV. Myth lets you record TV and watch it at the same time. It also has a bunch of other features such as tv listings and weather reports. Unfortunately, it is NOT easy to setup. In fact it’s a friggin nightmare. There’s no native binaries in the download so you have compile all source on your machine. …

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[9 Nov 2004 | No Comment | ]

I have a second desktop that’s aging poorly, a Pentium III 450Mhz processor and some disk storage, not much else. I’ve been using it as a Linux box just to familiarize myself with the OS again.
I’m thinking of turning it into a PVR. What’s a PVR? A Personal Video Recorder, think Tivo. A PVR let’s you do all the things Tivo does and more and without any subscription fee!
Basically all you need is
a) an old computer (doesn’t have to be the latest or greatest)
b) All the disk space you …

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[29 Oct 2004 | No Comment | ]

The other day I dusted off my old Pentium III 450Mhz and installed Mandrake Linux on it. It’d been about 7 years since my last experience with Linux and I wanted to see how far it had come.
I got all the software I needed from http://www.LinuxISO.org, all free of course. Installation took 3 CDs for Mandrake and took about 2 hours. It installed gNome as the window manager which takes a little getting used to but I soon got the hang of it. I’m really impressed with all the …