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[29 May 2009 | 2 Comments | ]
What Can The Big Mess o’ Wires Teach Us About Software?

Steve Chamberlain [LINK] has achieved the ultimate in home-brew electronics: Creating his own CPU from basic logic chips. Absolutely amazing. The photos alone are a thing of beauty but to know this thing actually works is incredible.
From Steve’s site:
“Big Mess o’ Wires 1 is an original CPU design. It does not use any commercial CPU, but instead has a custom CPU constructed from dozens of simple logic chips. Around this foundation is built a full computer with support for a keyboard, sound, video, and external peripherals.
My original goals were:

Build the …

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[8 Mar 2009 | 8 Comments | ]
What Are Pull-Up and Pull Down Resistors?

The terms “pull up” and “pull down” resistors confused the heck out of me but I get it now.
A resistor limits current. In the water analogy, current is the speed of the flow of water. But I never knew what a pull up/pull down resistor was. Until a few weeks ago when I started building a set of buttons for a project I’m working on…
Essentially a button is a switch, when the switch is closed the current flows, when it’s open the current doesn’t flow. Now if your switch is …

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[27 Jan 2009 | No Comment | ]
Curious Inventor giving away Free Stuff

Curious Inventor (http://www.curiousinventor.com) is offering a free "PanVise Junior Clamp" at the moment if you link to them. So here goes [LINK].
Last night I got an email from Shawn over at [http://www.arduinofun.com/]. Shawn’s built a cool robot using various bits and pieces, including the arduino with Curious Inventor as his supplier. The coolest thing about this is he’s built it with his 11 year old son Drew. This is great on so many levels and I can’t think of anything better than mentoring a child in this manner.
I …