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[3 Jun 2007 | No Comment | ]

Every few years there comes some new tech that changes the game. The last few years it was RSS, then Ajax (so played). Time marches on and so here’s my take for the tech that will change the game on the internet in the next  few years.
a) semantic web – making the web machine-readable. This’ll supply the meta data to power the largest expert system in the world. Imagine a "google" type engine with a brain. A web that can rationalize and reason. The whole exceeding the sum of …

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[25 Feb 2007 | No Comment | ]

Finally, someone was nice enough to post a review of my book [LINK]!  The review is up at CSharp-Online.net here: [LINK]
Here’s an excerpt:
"Mashups are becoming ever more important to Web 2.0 applications. (A mashup refers to a combination of various third part data feeds into a new harmonious feed or presentation.) If you are not yet excited about Web 2.0, you will be after reading this book!"
Here’s probably the most critical commentary:
"The book is a bit of a jarring experience for the reader. Much of it reads like …

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[14 Feb 2007 | No Comment | ]

A quick update on my book [LINK]. The "Search Inside" feature from Amazon is on its way but in the interim you can read a sample chapter (Chapter 15) from this book here: http://www.wrox.com/WileyCDA/Section/id-303068.html
This chapter covers the Amazon S3 platform and shows you how to build a generic interface into it. For those of you on the fence as to whether to buy the book this might push you over the edge and for those who’ve already bought it, thank you, this might be a useful online reference for you.
Jeff …

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[2 Mar 2005 | 51 Comments | ]

UPDATE: Since originally posting, the site’s been getting a lot more traffic than usual so I’ve made some improvements to Zuggest.
I incorporated some zuggestions (groan) which folks emailed so the overall UI is a little nicer. I’m definitely HTML impaired. I’ve also improved caching on my server so Amazon doesn’t get such a big whack. Still tweaking things but have definitely learned a lot over the last few days.
UPDATE: Jeff Barr of Amazon has posted a link to Zuggest on the Amazon Web Services Blog. Thanks Jeff!
I’ve also upgraded to …