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[16 Jan 2007 | No Comment | ]

Himanshu Joshi has written to tell me of a new mashup he’s written: [LINK]
"I am happy to announce the launch of my website http://www.themolu.com/. – Search engine which can search both Web 1.0 (Web search) as well as Web 2.0 (Tag search). Currently it gives a facility of searching web, images, videos, books, answers, travel, blogs, news. It is also packed with Related Term Suggestion and Spelling Correction Tool. "

The mashup community is alive and well, nice job Himanshu.
In other news, my good buddy Brad Linder has recently launched his …

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[2 Jan 2007 | One Comment | ]

Ok so Adler’s tagged me, that means I’m “it”.
“The newest fad in the blogsphere is “tag, you’re it”. …now I have to tell you all five things about myself that you did not already know. I also have to tag five other people.”
Here’s my five-by-five:
1) I’ve been an extra in two movies: Widow’s Peak and Circle of Friends. I was in the same scenes as Chris O’Donnell, Minny Driver and Mia Farrow (interestingly enough Marc knows Stacey Nelkin, who is a former girlfriend of Woody Allen so in a weird …

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[1 Jan 2007 | No Comment | ]

As previously mentioned my book is now shipping [LINK]. Ironically I myself have yet to see a physical copy! No big deal.
Unfortunately Wrox has not gotten around to releasing the source code for the book. I’m sure this will happen soon.
In the mean-time I have received a number of emails from folks who have bought the book (thank you). In order to best support these readers I am making the source available from this site in two forms.
The first is a Code Browser [LINK] page which you …

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[22 Dec 2006 | No Comment | ]

Crikey! I had an in-home physical today for a revised life insurance policy. I’m in pretty good shape ( knock-on-wood) and pride myself on my low blood pressure, excellent cholesterol and low pulse. However, today was a bit of an eye opener.
After fasting for 6+hours as required by the test, my blood pressure was measured three times and consistently below 110 over 60, the lowest reading was 108 over 52.
My pulse was also measured three different times. All three times were under 55 beats per minute.  Bear in …

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[12 Dec 2006 | No Comment | ]

What if every photo you took recorded the location from which it was taken in longitude and latitude?
Go a step further, what if it also recorded the height off the ground and the vector the camera was pointed towards?
Then you could draw a bezier curve through each and every photo you ever took along with the time it was taken.
Now imagine you tied them together with PhotoSynth[LINK].
Now imagine you are out with your friends and they all do that. You’d have a really cool sort of weaving of …

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[3 Dec 2006 | No Comment | ]

Veerendra Shivhare sent me word of his latest creation: "Tagbulb – Tag search simplified"
"Tagbulb simplifies tag search by aggregating content from various sources like flickr, youtube and many more with a cool 2.0 interface. Users can browse by content type – e.g. images, videos, blogs, bookmarks, podcasts, products, books etc. "

Nice work Veerendra.
Check it out at:- www.tagbulb.com

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[30 Nov 2006 | 3 Comments | ]

Someone on my Christmas list recently asked me if I prefer Decaf or Regular.
My response?
Convert 3737844653 to Hex for the answer.

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[20 Nov 2006 | No Comment | ]

Are you one of those people baffled by how many out-right unattractive chicks there are on "America’s Net Top Model"? It’s all down to the trickery employed by makeup artists and airbrushers. Reminds me of that Chris Rock HBO sketch about liars.
Here’s a look behind the scenes: I especially like the bit where they elongate her neck. [LINK]
And now for something completely different: Here’s a document describing a tensegrity tower built by some students in Texas in honor of their deceased professor.
Tensegrity (tension integrity) structures are architectural forms …

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[2 Nov 2006 | One Comment | ]

Dan has a problem on his site he calls the "taxi" problem:
"Let’s assume that taxi journeys are all of an equal distance (10km, say), and that they go straight in a random direction. At the end of one journey, the driver picks up another passenger at that very drop-off spot.
After her first journey, the taxi driver is ten kilometres from her start point. But what is her expected distance from her original start point after a second journey? And is there a generic formula that tells us how far …

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[31 Oct 2006 | No Comment | ]

Our old Hitachi CRT tube TV bit the dust yesterday so it’s time for an update. The technology in the TV world has definitely progressed since the last purchase so I need some recommendations.
I’d guess that HDTV is the way to go but where to start? Anyone have any recommendations?
P.S. New pictures are up in the photos section. Halloween with Snow White and her Frog Prince. Enjoy.