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Life Is Ruthless

26 January 2010 3 Comments
Life Is Ruthless

Is there an intelligent designer? If so then they are surely a mad and cruel scientist. Observe the parasite “Cymothoa exigua” [LINK]. Here’s is an animal, a parasite, that attaches to a fish’s tongue. Once attached it cuts off the blood to the tongue which eventually falls off. It then happily lives in its unfortunate hosts’ mouth. I assume its incredibly painful for the host fish who is powerless to get rid of it.

Or how about “Sacculina”, the mind-control barnacle? [LINK]

“Upon finding a host crab, a female Sacculina will crawl over the crab’s surface until she finds a chink in the armor: a joint. She then ejects her protective shell, reducing herself to a gelatinous blob, and invades.

Inside the host, the parasite grows long, root-like tendrils throughout the crab’s body…… she renders the crab infertile, and creates a small opening in the crab’s back that will allow a male Sacculina to make residence there. Soon the crab is filled with millions of Sacculina eggs and larvae, and like a zombie, the crab cares for these eggs and larvae as though they were its own, losing all interest in mating. When a male crab is infected, the parasite alters its physiology and behavior to be female, to better care for the Sacculina’s young.”

Imagine such a thing happening to a human? You’d essentially be powerless within your own body!

And lastly, the parasitic worm “Leucochloridium paradoxum” which infects snails. The snails eat worm eggs, the eggs grow inside the snail and …

In the snail’s digestive gland the miracidia change into cercaries and produce sporocystes, long tubes that can contain several hundred cercaries.

One or several of these tubes stretch until into the snail’s tentacles and begin to pulsate in there. The obvious colour and the sporocystes’ movement attracts birds that hack for the snail’s tentacles. The bird rips off the snail’s tentacles which cannot be withdrawn because of the sporocystes tubes inside.

Inside the bird’s digestive tract the cercaries change into the parasite’s adult stage, which then reproduces sexually and lays eggs. Thos are distributed by the bird to infect further snails, which closes the generation cycle.

So what does this tell us? What nugget of wisdom can be extracted from these disgusting and unnerving examples of the natural world?

Nobody cares for the snail as its getting eaten alive.  No one sheds a tear when the crab is slowly infested and paralyzed by tentacles.  The karma of the universe does not go out of balance whilst the snappers’ tongue is being eaten out of its mouth.

Life is ruthless. Life does whatever works. Life does not care and it’s going to mow you down if you’re not careful.


  • rObando said:

    Amen brother!

  • Catherine Murphy said:

    Yeah the people of Haiti learned that lesson two weeks ago. But unlike the fish they do have people to feel sorry and do something about it, even if aid took a while to get through.
    not much to be done for one young man on the irish newspaper, he was training to be a mechanic almost qualified.. the building he was studying in came down and now he’s lost a leg and an arm. Can’t do much mechanics like that!
    So Yeah.. totally agree with you brother.. life is hard and then you die. All we can do is suck it up and deal with one day at a time.

    hope Sydney feels better soon. XXXXX

  • Raj said:

    Couldn’t agree more!!!It can be nasty at times,only thing you can do is “Never Say Die”…Fight it out even if it is against the odds…

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