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Obama Does the RIGHT Thing

10 March 2009 2 Comments
Obama Does the RIGHT Thing

Yesterday Obama lifted the 8 year ban on stem cell research imposed by the moronic conservative Bush administration [LINK].

Thank goodness we finally have someone with a brain who can discuss and understand the issues at a macro level.

Most conservative (christian pro-lifers) are shaking their heads at this news. Not me. Does that make me an evil liberal baby killer? Eh no. Let me tell you why this is a good thing and why you need to open your minds and understand the issues before blindly following the pro-life rhetoric.

Most pro-lifers favoured the Republican party the last 8 years and even in the recent election because Bush and McCain are both pro-life.

When Bush took over from the democratic Clinton, abortion rates were at a 24 year low and on the decline. With a pro-lifer in office you’d think this would continue. Sadly abortion rates rose an average of 14% over Bush’s first term. Why is that? Bush thought that to reduce abortion you just needed to close abortion clinics. Bush didn’t understand that to reduce abortions you need to fund sex education, provide adequate health care options to the poor and build a strong economy (most women cite the lack of a dependable spouse as the reason for their abortion and folks don’t get married in a weak economy).

In the end Bush’s stance of being pro-life anti-abortion earned him lots of conservative votes but meant nothing.

Back to the stem cell issue. Bush banned stem cell research because he thought it was wrong to experiment on viable embryos. A very noble sentiment, one which I happen to share. BUT did you ever stop to think where these embryos COME from?

Eh, no? Well, funny you should ask. They are a by-product of In Vitro Fertilization. Huh? Yeah. If a couple come in to make a “test tube” baby, the clinic typically makes MANY MANY embryos in a dish, then they pick the best one and implant it in the woman. What happens the rest? Oh oh, bad question!

They get frozen for a few months and then thrown out!!! You mean like an abortion? That’s for you to decide.

Stem cell researchers can take these otherwise discarded embryos and use them to cure cancer, blindness, heart failure, Parkinsons, diabetes and on and on. Bush’s ban removed that possibility.

The point I’m making is that stem cell research does nothing to increase or decrease the number of viable embryos that get discarded. If you want to tackle the problem you should ban in vitro fertilization. That’s the cause, not stem cell research.

Instead old Dubbya attacked science, took the popular position and here we are 8 years later, with just as many embryos washed down the drain and nothing to show for it. Thank goodness we have someone who understands the issues.


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