"I'm probably going to take it apart or break it"
Francis Shanahan
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SVP of Engineering @ Audible.com

"...a player-coach, building teams and shipping software."


I lead the Core Engineering group at Audible, an Amazon company. My group owns the technical direction for the company. That includes our service platform (https://api.audible.com) and frameworks like our multi-tenant globalized web stack and our Android and iOS frameworks among other things. As an example I designed the streaming platform for Audible that's used everywhere, including the Amazon Echo. I also oversee the architecture group, our hiring process, our engineer mentoring programs, developer onboarding and the occasional Hackathon.


Audible was acquired in 2008 and we've fully integrated into the Amazon eco-system. We're on a mission to bring the spoken word to everyone in the world. We provide the largest catalog of audiobooks (100TB of data) across multiple marketplaces and surfaces including Fire, Kindle and the Alexa platform (via Amazon Echo). It's an awesome team and you should come check us out.

Extra Curricular

You can't restrict curiosity to 9-5 so there's always some side project going on. In 2007 I wrote a book on Web Services and I've had a bunch of patents issued over the years (e.g. http://bit.ly/lPraUm). I also sit on the advisory board of The NYC Media Lab. In April 2016 we held our first public Hackathon event for Audible at Civic Hall. It was a huge success, checkout the highlight reel.


There's no theme here, just stuff I've had fun with over the years.

Leadville 2016

The Race Across The Sky

Future of Listening Hackathon

Audible's first external hackathon event, Civic Hall, April 2016

My Great Listens

Lists of Great Audiobooks

Wooden Burr Puzzles

Engineering is Building is Crafting is...


Audible's Yearly hackathon


Here's a quad I built. It flies but needs a better pilot

101 Miles in a Day

Ultra-running is a sickness


A Simple Video Streaming Client in JS

Drawing Bad

Sketching for brain plasticity

Web Workers

Solving the TSA with Hill Climbing and Web Workers

LED Matrix

PWM w/Shift Registers

Writing is hard!

Amazon.com Mashups (ISBN:0470097779)

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Francis Shanahan

SVP of Engineering